Security lighting

Through a brand new and innovative project, Securitas, Fagerhult and Axis Communications have developed a service that uses sensors in automated lighting solutions to deliver security features.

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Smart and safe detection.

In case of a fire, the integrated solution detects the people within the building, this enables the Operating center, together with mobile or on-site security guards, to rapidly plan and monitor the evacuation.

The Securitas Operation Center is fully integrated with the system. Fagerhults presence detection lighting controls are combined with IP speakers and camera from Axis Communications which provides the highly skilled operators with a new split-second decision tool. The true genius behind this solution is that it builds on top of the existing lighting infrastructure. It’s a smart way to quickly and cost-efficiently roll out security solutions.

The fire alarm triggers an automated process on-site as well as informing the SOC of the event.

The SOC (Securitas Operating Center) receives the fire alarm and can begin to rapidly monitor the evacuation.

Using the e-Sense Organic system the operator can monitor presence in all areas.

The necessery actions can swiftly be put into motion by the operator.

The operator can invastigate further, using cameras. Perform ”call-outs” or dispatch mobile units to the site.

The luminaires provide visual guidan¬ce by increasing the lights intensi¬ty, highligting the escape-routes.

The e-Sense Organic detects presence through its PIR-sensors. Making it possible to pick up presence in all areas fitted with a luminaire.

Speakers located in the building, transmits a pre-recorded message, encouraging its occupants to exit the building.

Endless possibilities

By using the information provided by the e-Sense Organic system, the Securitas operator is provided with the unique capability of real-time viewing – as another layer of information. This is valuable in many different situations:

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